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Hey there,

Lauren Schoepfer

nice to meet you!

My name is Lauren Schoepfer and I'm a portrait, wedding and event photographer based in Central FL. I founded my business at the end of 2019 after realizing how fun and fulfilling it is to capture all kinds of people and the moments that mean the most to them.

After working as a graphic designer and pursuing photography on the side for several years, I realized combining art and connection with people like you is where my passion lies. 

When we work together, you better believe it's a good time. I like to get to know everyone I work with (honestly I want to be your friend!) and be their personal hype woman. Whether we're doing a portrait session or a wedding, I'm going to bring your vision to life. 


A Little Backstory

an empathetic artist

Art has always been a part of my life, communicating feelings and ideas that words didn't seem to do proper justice. I'm a pretty empathetic and curious person who likes to dive into deep conversations, and to ask people questions to understand the way they see the world. Photography is powerful in its ability to express those qualities that make a person unique—it helps them feel seen and empowered. I know how important it is to represent a wide variety of people in front of my lens.

My energy is generally pretty calm and easygoing, but I get really excited when I shoot (you'll see me smiling a ton)! Every session or wedding I do is custom to you, so I like to ask questions beforehand and check in during our session to make sure you feel comfortable and authentically captured. I thrive with structure and even limitations (it's the designer in me) to get creative and hit the mark visually.

Lauren Schoepfer
Lauren Schoepfer

Some of my favorite things

Lauren Schoepfer
Lauren Schoepfer


I love movement, it's my place to be present and release all negative energy. Weightlifting and shuffling are what's currently giving me joy.


Jay Painting
Hand Photography


Lauren Schoepfer

Nature forever amazes me, and I love that my work allows me to explore the world more.

Art is therapeutic and a way I can refresh myself creatively outside of photography.


Let's Create

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